Can I move a modded xbox classic's HD to another xbox classic?
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My chip modded xbox classic is dying and i think the mod chip is part of the problem. If I buy a new-to-me used xbox classic can I soft mod it and use the HD that I installed in my current dying xbox? I would really like to be able to use my existing HD since it has all my media already on it (i do have a backup but it is a pain to transfer).

On a related note what is the best (easiest) way to soft mod nowdays assuming I don't have the games needed?

I know I should really just buy a nettop pc but I am still using an old tv so the scart connector is stopping me.
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I haven't messed around with the classic xbox in a while, but I believe when you mod chip it then replace the default loader, it's essentially softmodded. All the chip allows you to do it easily replace the loader without having to use an exploit. You should be able to take your current hard drive and place it into another xbox and be good to go.
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Pretty sure once you softmod the console you're free to plug in whatever HDD you want. It's been years, but I don't remember the process being too difficult.
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Best answer: The HDD in your current (failing) machine is probably locked to its specific XBOX hardware, and will not work in another XBOX until this is corrected.

This can be done, but you have to have the machine that it's in working - I have a 200gb drive full of all sorts of goodies that is essentially a doorstop due to this locking still existing when the chipped XBOX died.

Start searching for unlocking guides here.
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Response by poster: So here is what happened.

The HD in my already modded xbox was not locked in any way. It just slotted right into a new xbox and worked perfectly once I had the modchip properly installed. So you can recover your data pompomtom assuming you had a similar setup to mine. (I picked up my replacement xbox for a whopping £3.50 on ebay plust £10 shipping.)

Easy Peasy other than the fact that grandpa now needs to use a magnifying glass to make out the power connection point on the motherboard.
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Thanks for the update, but I've already tried it. When my first xbox died, I bought a replacement, swapped the drives, and butted my head against the locking for a while. The bit that sucked was that I couldn't even access the drive from a computer (which was my plan B). Also, I know that I dropped that drive from a significant height onto a hardwood floor while moving furniture the other day, so I suspect the issue has been decided.

That said, I'm glad to hear your issue is resolved. I only found about the locking thing when it was too late, and it pissed me off more than a little.
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