Cool magazines about being a parent?
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Suggestions for awesome parenting magazines? (Blogs, too, are fine, but a print mag would be ideal.)

I was a big fan of Wondertime Magazine several years back, but just went online to try to resubscribe and discovered the magazine was shut down in 2009. I'd love to find a substitute that meets the following criteria:

- Emphasis on fun, creative, nurturing parenting that leans toward free-range style philosophy. I don't obsess about every new health scare or every developmental milestone, but rather want inspiration for creating great memories with my kiddos.
- Articles on fun activities, character/skills building, kid-friendly food, product reviews, etc.
- Not overly crunchy (I am not a mothering dot commune type of mom, more of a MacGyver type -- whatever works!).

I already get Parents and Parenting and am meh on these. Cookie was gross. Something like Wondertime used to be, or like the annual (I think) Real Simple Family would be perfect. Blogs that meet these criteria are fine too.

(Oh, if it makes a difference, I'm in the U.S. and the mom of two boys, aged 3 1/2 and 9 months, respectively.)

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I feel obligated to mention the Free Range Kids blog.

Parent Hacks is a good one too, though it's slower this summer.

When my kids were younger, I used to read Parent Dish.

I don't have anything else, I'm sorry to say, but am looking forward to others' suggestions. Thanks for asking this.
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I miss Wondertime too. Disney does still publish Family Fun, that focuses on crafts and foods.

I also like Working Mother.
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Mumsnet is good, but I don't think it's terribly 'cool'.
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Brain, Child is great (though its focus is not so much on the practical, how-to aspects of parenting as much as it is on reflecting upon those experiences, I suppose).
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Catherine Newman is lovably crunchy (and this from a vehement disliker of crunch). She used to write for Wondertime and contributes to, BrainChild, etc. Lots of writing about food.
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