simple gmail fix?
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gmail filters: I have a utilitarian phone that doesn't MMS. I have gmail set to forward incoming mail to my phone number as SMS. When I am mailed attachments, they usually bounce a Mail Delivery Sub. error.

This is no problem, but it clutters my inbox. I don't get the emails with attachments texted to me, but everything else works fine. I have tried to filter the Mail Delivery emails to archive, but it moves the entire thread out of my inbox. I don't want to mark these as spam, either.

Is there a filter I can use to keep the clutter down? It is beginning to make me crazy.
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Gmail allows you to filter by content . . .

On the "Filters" page, under "Settings," create a new filter. Where it asks you to enter search terms for the filter, you're looking for the field titled "Has the words:"

Pick out a phrase that's common (and unique) to all of these mail delivery errors, and enter it there in quotes. Gmail will allow you to try out the filter to see what it'd pull in, before you commit to it.
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Response by poster: Yes, and I can filter out by my phone's number. It will pull up all of the threads with the error. However, if I try to tell gmail to archive the message, it puts the entire thread into the bin instead of just the mail error. I want to perhaps apply a label to messages not forwarded to the phone, leave them in the inbox, and archive the error (without moving the original message).
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You can get rid of the mail delivery errors problem altogether by having gmail only forward messages that don't have attachments.

For your filter that is sending messages to your phone, change the "Doesn't have:" field to the following: has:attachment
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Response by poster: Ah, of course. Thanks!
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