PC Time Clock Recommendation?
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Looking for recommendations for a multiple-PC time clock solution, with two main features required.

Looking for a better solution than what we currently have. The software would be installed on 4 or 5 PC's at work, and there's 2 specific requirements we need. One, it needs to easily export to Excel or Quickbooks Pro. Two, it would need to be able to track the hours of employees that work in different departments. Their total hours would need tracking for overtime purposes, but we would really like to be able to follow how much time they're working in the separate departments. Thanks for the help.
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My employers software does exactly that. It is web based and adds in CRM / Project Management and some other functionality too. We integrate nicely with Quickbooks Pro, just click a button and the time flows over to Quickbooks for billing and payroll purposes. Shoot me a MeMail if you need more info - I don't want to connect my user ID here with work by posting the link.
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Have you looked at Icon Time Products ? We use them , they seem to work reasonably well & fit your requirements.
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