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So getting into 'juice'ing, I'm wondering what kind of fruits and vegetables do what. I mean I've tried the obvious carrots, but do more exotic combinations exists? Is there a website about juicing? Somewhere that describes the benefit and taste of various fruit and vegetable combinations.
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This thread has a few anecdotes.
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A college friend of mine swore by beet juice. He also liked to juice a bunch of nutrient-rich veggies he didn't like to eat, then mask and sweeten the flavor with a couple of apples.
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Ginger (be careful with this)

Um, is there anything that can't be juiced? Maybe not zucchini, or squashes in general. As far as I know it you can juice anything, and what you juice is dictated by taste. My boyfriend loves carrot, beet and ginger, I am more of the fresh pear and grape juice lot.
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If you are going to do a vegetable juice, it is often best to add an apple to it to sweeten it. Cabbage, although not very tasty, is supposed to be a super juice.
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Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are my favs. Also try lots of carrots, an apple, and a little ginger.
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My favorites: carrot/orange and apple/lemon/watermelon.

Oh, and doing a search on Google led me here. Remember: Satan has effectively robbed the modern day church of one of the most powerful offensive tools against his kingdom—water fasting.
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Just-plain watermelon is probably my favorite. It's even better than it sounds.

There are some good recipes at the Champion site.

Beware of beet juice- it's stainy. A little beet will turn a funky-looking juice a nice color, though, without affecting the flavor much.

It's nice to make a huge fruit salad to eat all day, then juice the leftovers for breakfast with a carrot &/or apple, or mixed with orange juice.
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I'm wondering what kind of fruits and vegetables do what.

Are you asking about the benefit claims of specific juices that folks like Jay Kordich make? People make all sorts of ridiculous claims-- "beet juice is a liver tonic!" etc. They're all really just the essences of vegetables, generally good for you but not specific treatments like prescription medicines. So mix it up-- experiment with stuff you like and add little bits of stuff you don't generally eat. Here are a few tips:

a little ginger goes a long way.

a bit of cilantro and a dash of pepper sauce makes carrot juice amazing.

If you don't like beets, you'll HATE them juiced.
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i can not STOP juicing!!
Something in me is UNLEASHED!
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My favorite is pear/ginger, followed by apple/ginger, carrot/ginger, and ginger shots. Bananas can't be juiced.

Be careful the first couple of weeks. If you drink too many carrots, you'll fart like the dickens.
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