I want to enjoy clubbing!
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I want to enjoy clubbing- help me find an NYC club that suits my taste?

While I've certainly been clubbing, I've never really enjoyed it. Most of the clubs I've been were in European backwaters where the music was either poppy or corny (see: Eurovision), though I had some good experience in Stockholm. Now I live in NYC and I was thinking it might be fun to try again and since it's NYC maybe there is a club that plays music I actually want to dance to?

My favorite music for my own parties is The Knife, Vitalic, Familjen, Erlend Oye, Royksopp, Casiokids, Robyn, Simian Mobile Disco, and Emilie Simon.
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I think that what you want is probably not clubbing per se—clubs in New York are lame lame lame, and stupidly expensive. If I were you I'd check out parties listed on Nonsense NYC, and things like One Step Beyond at the Museum of Natural History.
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Do you prefer straight, gay or a mix.? I think most of the clubs in New York have mix crowds.
I can recommend "cielo" , 18 Little West 12th St (9th Ave. and Washington St.) They have good house music. Getting into it is a little tight sometimes in terms of security. Try wednesdays and weekends.

Pacha at 618 W 46th St (Between 11th Avenue and West Side Highway). This mostly attracts very young crowd. Sometimes, they have very good DJ's. One of my favourites is "Danny Tanaglia", very tribal trance music, which I like. I would suggest getting on their guest list, which lets you in for $20, else you pay $40. I say go late in the morning. Gets very crowded though

Hiro Ballroom at 371 W 16th St (9th Avenue). I have not been here, but you can try. It is a little expensive.
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You really, really don't want to go to Pacha. That's all I'm saying about that.

ocherdraco is right about clubs generally not fitting what you're looking for. She linked to Nonsense NYC which looks like it might be in the same vein as Rubulad. They're more like underground-art-parties than clubs but they definitely play music closer to your ideal. And you get to dress up and/or see people in incredibly awesome outfits.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for shows where you know you like the band. Music you enjoy, big crowd of people: that's pretty close to the club experience, but you effectively choose the music.
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Agree that dancing in NYC is lame. So if you can't enjoy clubbing, don't worry about it. It's probably not you.

Also, dance nights are hit or miss in NYC. You could go one Saturday night and have a blast and the next Saturday have a really annoying time. So you can't always take people's word on "a great spot to go." It all really depends.

That said... Santos Party House can be a good dance party if you're willing to slog through a line full of hipsters.

Home Sweet Home has different "nights" and different DJs per. They also have the most poorly constructed dance floors in the history of dance floors. Don't wear heels.

Von supposedly has a great Friday night, but I've never been, so I can't attest.

Lit can be a fun time, with two floors and two DJs that play different styles. I've been weekends, and it seems to mostly be hip-hop upstairs. But downstairs, I distinctly remember dancing to both Phoenix, Pulp, and The Knife. Beware douchebags though.
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Hiro Ballroom is awesome and has a lot of good electro shows/DJs. The Pyramid Club in the E. Village is good, unpretentious 80s/new wave and has goth/industrial nights.

Most "clubbing" in NYC is a lot of douchebag guys from NJ and underage NYU girls wearing minidresses and gladiator heels getting wasted and hitting on each other. $30 cover and $15 drinks. I wouldn't bother with Pacha, Marquee, etc. You'll hate the music. You won't be able to get into the really hot clubs like the Boom Boom Room at the Standard unless you are rich/famous.

Lit, Home Sweet Home, and Santos cater to the 21-29 hipster party crowd.

I used to go dancing 2-3 times a week when I lived in Seattle and now I go approximately twice a year. Of course, I am in my thirties now, but dancing in NYC is very lame.
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Lit is a good suggestion and plays that stuff along with more indie. When going Lit, definitely watch your stuff. I've had multiple friends who got their stuff stolen even when it was sitting right next to them.

Lit and Home Sweet Home are on the much smaller scale while Santos is closer towards medium size. I'd avoid places like Cielo and Pacha for the douche factor and ridiculously expensive drinks. Mostly the douches, though. Hiro and Tribeca Grand have interesting stuff once in a while as well and are nicer places.

And definitely check out the Fixed parties, as they have had djs from the bands you've mentioned come play. They've done nights at Tribeca Grand and Santos among other places.

If you're willing to head to Williamsburg, check out Royal Oak and Union Pool on the medium size or K&M bar and Legion on the smaller side. Coco66 has some fun nights as well, it's in Greenpoint. Also, the Cheryl parties are fun and usually have a good crowd.
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