Finding a TV commercial for Wegmans WPOP (It's dynamite!)
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I'm looking for an online copy of a TV commercial for a local supermarket chain Wegmans and their line of house-brand carbonated beverages named WPOP.

WPOP Started in May of 1991, with the tagline "Woooooo..... It's Dynamite!" (Although there may be fewer or more oes in the Woooo). A friend of mine thinks he saw a video related to this old TV commercial online about a year ago, but he can't remember where it was.

WPOP has been featured prominently on the US version of The Office, since the show is set in Scranton, and there's a Wegmans there.
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Have you tried just asking Wegmans at for information about it, or a copy, or the name of the agency that did it?
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We've asked @wegmans on twitter, and done some serious Googling, but have come up dry so far.
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