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My Blackberry Pearl is deleting my incoming text messages before I get to read them - why, and how do I make it stop?

In the past few months, my phone has been deleting some incoming text messages before I have had the chance to read them. On occasion, I have seen a message come in, the "new message" icon appear....and then the phone thinks for a few seconds and the icon disappears and the message is gone. This is very frustrating! Not only do I not receive (only some) text messages, I don't know when I don't get them if I don't see this process occur.

This is not restricted to any particular set of people, or networks. Googling tells me that this may be a software issue, but what does that require me to do? Could it be a memory issue? How would I resolve that?

My phone is 11 months old, and is a Blackberry Pearl 8130. I have my preferences set to keep messages for 2 months. Often, my BBM conversations disappear as well. Hope me, AskMe!
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Check the folders: go to mail, use the BB key and choose View Folders. They may be in a folder and the BBerry usually just displays the root mailbox folder.
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If your memory is getting full, it may be deleting them. I usually found that the older messages would get deleted to make room for the new ones, but sometimes new messages would get deleted immediately. You might try clearing out your messages.
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I have no saved incoming text messages, and they are not visible in the "Incoming SMS" folder. Is there a way to delete old emails from my handheld but not from my email account that might help?
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devinemissk is right. Text messages are the first thing to be "eaten" by your device if it is running out of memory. You might want to delete some media files or purchase a memory card.
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This happened to me on both my old Pearl and Curve. It was always a memory thing. I deleted applications that I didn't use (Brickbreaker, BBM, etc.) and that worked for a while. What has worked for the last 1.5 years is a memory card.
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There should be a setting that allows you to delete from handheld but not from your account. In fact, I think if you go to delete a message from your inbox, it should prompt you to tell it whether you want to delete on handheld, or on handheld and server.

Best thing to do is poke around in the messages settings for a bit until you find the setting you want. It'll be different depending on whether your email is Outlook/Exchange or webmail (Gmail, Yahoo).
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Or buy a memory card; they are cheap.
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When was the last time you did an update of the system software on the phone? The Pearl I got two years ago had a really irritating issue with system memory where if I was running too many programs it would eat into the phone memory and start deleting messages and call logs.

The easiest way to check for this is to see if you can see an extended list of the people you've called and been called by recently. If not, this is exactly what is happening to you, as that is the first thing to go.

If that is the case, a short term fix is to pull the battery periodically, it resets the memory. But a better fix would be to update your phones system software. The newest version eliminates this problem completely. (Even if the phone is only 11 months old, it could still be running the older system software).
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I have a 8gb memory card already, which is part of what confuses me. Battery pulls do solve the problem, so it is a memory issue.

How do I update my system software? I have a Mac, if that makes any difference...
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When I did mine, I had to use the Blackberry Desktop Manager which I believe is a Windows only application, so you might need to get clever with Parallels or use a friends machine, but here is a detailed walk-through on upgrading your OS.
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A Mac version does exist: Here.
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