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How can I make multiple towns with my Wii and ANIMAL CROSSING: CITY FOLK ?

It was so much fun to make a bunch of towns on a bunch of different Memory Cards on the Gamecube, and go back and forth between them. Just got a Wii, and am having trouble figuring out how to do multi-towns. There is only one ANIMAL CROSSING : CITY FOLK game-save allowed in the Wii system memory, it cannot be moved or copied, and I cannot figure out how to make games save on the SD card instead. Can it be done?
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Without modding your Wii I don't believe there is anyway to do this. The save file, as you said, is locked to the system memory.

If you do a softmod of your Wii you'll be able to have multiple saves through an application the "extracts" save games as well as "installs" them.
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I'm afraid zephyr_words has it - instead, you can visit the towns of other "internet people".

If your main goal is more fruit, here's a fruit "cheat" of sorts: Send your town's native fruit in a letter to a resident, and include the word "Fruit" in the message area. Eventually they will reply with fruit (either the same or different) or furniture.
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man! that's lame. i loved having different gamecube towns.

as a piggy back question - with or without a softmod - is it possible to acquire the items that have been released as DLC? specifically the red pikmin hat?
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nadawi, I'm guessing you can send and receive the item from others, and once it's in your collection, you can buy it from Nook. I think that means you can replicate it by sending one to friends, and buying another one for yourself from Nook, but that's just my guess.
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