Rap/Dance music w/arabic influences?
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So I'm a pledge at a fraternity here at Cornell university, and we're throwing a party whose tentative name is "Rock the Casbah". We're hoping for a mid-eastern/indian feel to the party, from decorations to music. Anyone know some good arabic/indian dance music or american rap music influenced by the sounds of the mid-east/india?

For the record, i already have an album by Panjab MC...
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if you really want to rock the casbah - not only will you need the clash - but you should really get some Cornershop and Asian Dub Foundation.

on preview ac beat me to it.
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there was a really good album out of leeds way back. one track was about prince naseem. "something connection"? can you remember, grimley? my copys is in la serena.
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Les Negresses Vertes, especially an album called "Mlah!"

Moroccan-influenced all-out rock...kind of like a French/North African version of the Pogues.
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DJ Cheb i Sabbah.
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not sure. i think i remember it, but I"m nowhere near my records at the moment....
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Probably more disco-esqe then you're looking for (as it's a Michael Jackson cover), but there's Don't Stop Till You Get to Bollywood (via BoingBoing) by the Bollywood Freaks.
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ha. just remembered it. black star liner yemen cutta connection
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Magic Mike.
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Ofra Haza who's own Yeminite/Israeli music made the dance charts, but was the source of samples for Eric B and Rakim and M/A/R/R/s if this is not too ol' Skul for you. Too early for a Green Dragon Party? Give my regards to Davy.
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This guy actually covered "Rock The Casbah" itself -- in Arabic.
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Tabla Beat Science adds a flavor of Asian electronica to Indian tabla music. I've only heard Tala Matrix [Amazon], which had a deep groove throughout. I used it to soundtrack a fight scene spoofing the Matrix (no relation). The "flow" of this percussive music makes it a perfect party background.
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Natacha Atlas, though I'm no expert, and can't recommend a specific track or recording.
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Following on from dragstroke, rai is modern Algerian music -- check these links: 1 | 2 - with MP3s | 3
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Aisha Kandish's Jarring Effects from Morrocco. I have Shabeesation and Koyo Habib, both have great rhythms.
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Bollywood for the Skeptical.
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I'm not a big fan of Tabla Beat Science myself, but you might check out Asian Travels & Arabian Travels as samplers of electronica based on South Asian and Middle Eastern sounds. See also Talvin Singh, State of Bengal, The Ananda Shankar Experience (more Bollywood/funk-ish). Lots of other good reccos here already.
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Panjabi MC has this one song that would be appropriate...

Beware of the Boys Remix (with Jay-Z mixed in) is the name..

Also, I second the mention of M.I.A.: Get the song Galang.
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These two went over well at our last party:
Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars & Sitars
Bombay the Hard Way, Vol. 2: Electric Vindaloo
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I'm going to add some obvious answers to the good ones: Thievery Corporation is Indian/Arabic on many tracks (including of course the ubiquitous "Lebanese Blonde"). Virtually anything produced by Timbaland in recent years is Indian-influenced, but don't count that as an endorsement ;)
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1. run a google search for bhangra
2. type titles into Soulseek
3. ?????
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I third (?) the MIA advice, with the addition of her other CD, Piracy Funds Terrorism although I haven't yet heard all of it. If you're interested, it should be coming in the mail any day now...you could email me for a sample.
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For true cutting edge arabic music with a modern feel, I havent heard anything better than Arabesque.
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second the "bombay the hard way" recommedations.
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Tunak Tunak Tun. See how it works. [mefi]
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I second the Arabesque CD. Fab arabic tunes that have a modern twist. Natacha Atlas it a bit more chilled out.
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A lot of the South Asian suggestions here are good, but given the "Casbah" in the theme, wouldn't it make sense to have some middle-eastern music, since that's about a thousand miles closer to being appropriate? Or, perhaps, even some north African music?
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