Frio River cabin rental
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Best weekend cabin rental on the Frio River (Texas) for a young couple?

Looking for a laid-back, relatively secluded, air-conditioned cabin rental somewhere on the Frio River for a weekend in mid-August. No kids, but we may be bringing a couple dogs. Any recommendations on a particular cabin or a site to find reviews?
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I rented a cabin in Leakey that was right on the Frio a couple of years ago. Very comfortable. I don't recall the exact name of the cabins... but they were right in town.
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Well... as much of "in town" as Leakey gets. Which is to say that they were still plenty secluded and laid back.
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Garner State Park has a Facebook fan page. That might be a good place to ask. We usually stay at the park and our only experience with renting a cabin outside the park was not satisfactory. Not to be a spoil sport, but the Frio is supposedly as high as it has been in years and you will be lucky to find a good place. Good luck and I'm jealous as we won't be making the trip this year.
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We've stayed multiple times with River Oaks Resort outside of Concan and are always happy to go back. They have a dedicated access to the Frio. Though we have always had larger parties (multi-family gatherings, reunions, etc.) they have smaller cabins.
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