Music while you swim?
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Looking for information/recommendations for waterproof/swimming mp3 players.

I've looked around and there seem to be a bunch of different products available for listening to music while swimming, and I'm having trouble deciding between them.

If anyone has any experience with the devices I'd be interested in your recommendations.

Also, would other swimmers be able to hear the music?
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FWIW, I can't hear anything but my own labored breathing when I swim, so I doubt I would be able to hear your mp3 player unless we were standing right next to each other.
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Best answer: I've used an H2O waterproof case for a classic iPod and I've used the SwiMP3. The iPod case was nice because I had access to all my music, but it used rubber plugs in your ears and these kept collapsing while I was swimming, making it hard to hear the music. I just checked the H2O site and it looks like they've improved the earphones.

The SwiMP3 is great sound-wise, but its only 1GB, so I had to carefully pick a couple of hundred songs to listen to while I swim. The SwiMP3 uses bone conduction and the player/speaker clip onto your goggle straps. It sounds great when your underwater, but more tiny when your head is above water. It also doesn't plug your ears so you can hear other things around you, like the lifeguard asking you to move over a lane.

Because the SwiMP3 sets right next to my cheeks, I don't feel any drag while I'm swimming.

The iPod case that I used had to be strapped around my arm and I could feel the drag while I was swimming.

I'd recommend the SwiMP3 of the two.

And no one can hear your music while you are swimming. If someone else is in my lane, they can hear a little bit while we are on the wall, much like you can hear someone's standard mp3 player if the volume is too high.
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