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Is there a clip on youtube where Stephen Fry talks about 'malevolent' comments on blogs, twitter or youtube?

There is this story in the guardian of Stephen Fry wanting to quit twitter because of the malevolent comment culture. Is there a clip where he elaborates his thoughts about this?
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He mentions something of the sort towards the end of the video linked in in this post, though that bit doesn't seem to be in the transcript.

Don't know if the video is also on YouTube.
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Response by poster: I saw this, but he just mentions this just very briefly there.
Wasn't there a clip where he talks more about this subject than this one?
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Are you talking about this one?
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Best answer: He talked a bit about this during his extended interview with Craig Ferguson this past February (posted previously, though those links are broken). You can watch part of it at the end of this clip (@8:15) and the rest of it in this one.
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Best answer: Here Stephen talks about social media in general, but he doesn't specifically mention malevolence.
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