Batch add xx:xx time to photo EXIF data?
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I just got back from a 2 week roadtrip and unbeknownst to me, one of the cameras I was using had the time set wrong. Now I have close to 1000 pictures that are set 13 hours 09 minutes in the past.

Is there a way to automagically set each pictures time stamp forward so it will match up with my gps waypoints?

I'm on a fully up-to-date Mac, but can boot into Windows 7 if necessary. fwiw, the camera is a Nikon Coolpix.
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This happens to me too sometimes, and I use iPhoto's built-in feature for changing EXIF timestamps — you select the photos that you want to change, go to the Photos menu, and pick "Adjust Date and Time". I check the box for "Modify original files", so if I upload them to Flickr or something, the dates will be displayed correctly there too. I use a slightly old copy of iPhoto, but I imagine newer versions are probably similar.
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Yes, either exiftool or jhead will do this. Both command line tools. Exiftool will even add geo information if you feed it a GPS track log.
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The EXIF timestamp, or like a timestamp right on the image?
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Sweet. My googling caught too much chaff. Sounds like it should be pretty easy to start with iPhoto(or Aperture maybe??), or try Exiftool for the gps stuff, though I dislike the command line.

Thanks hive!
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Picasa will do this as well (for one or multiple photos).

Tools -> Adjust Date and Time
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Lightroom works too. I've done this more times than I care to remember.
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Geotag is what I use for geotagging, and it does time adjustments as well. It's a Java Web Start app, so it's platform independent.
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I forgot about Prune, which does the time correction against a GPS trail rather differently from other programs, but rather elegantly if you know you took a particular picture in a particular place. It's also very mature.
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