Getting started with iPhone apps.
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So my friend and I were having a bull session on im+ and have decided we're writing an iPhone app! He'll be coding it and I'll be designing it. I am looking for resources in terms of the graphic design and in terms of the "business process" of the app.

I'm drawing up a feature list now and I have a general idea what I want the app to look like, but are there good websites/books/etc that will help me ensure that this information is presented in a way usable to my coder friend? He's written iPhone apps before.
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Response by poster: I am familiar with Photoshop and whatnot, by the way.
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Just caught this on Twitter - Apparently you can get the Tapworthy ebook from O'Reilly for $9.99 today using the code DDTAP. No idea if the book is good or not, but it seems like it'd be a good fit.

I've also heard some good things about Craig Hockenberry's Iphone App Development: The Missing Manual.
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Best answer: iPhone GUI PSD Version 4
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Best answer: I can't give any direct advice, really, other than to say I've designed an app and am in search of a coder—so I know that the Photoshop skills will help, as will a willingness to poke around in Interface Builder even if you never become an Objective-C expert.

Hockenberry's book is indeed very good, so seconding that. For general ambiance you may want to get to know these well-known and award winning app makers: David Kaneda, Garret Murray, Jeff Rock (who is an awesome dude and whom I've personally seen eat his weight in deep-dish pizza).

More books: iPhone in Action is good. Beginning iPhone Development is even better. Good luck and have fun.
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I bought the Tapworth book today - having given it a quick skim, it looks promising.
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