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Searchin for a 2-pocket presentation folder...with a filing tab on top. This must exist, right?

Folder/file opens to reveal to pockets. I think similar folders may be called 'project jackets' or 'job jackets'. But nothing I've see so far fits what I'm looking for. Don't care too much if it's paper or plastic, but shouldn't be crazy expensive, hopefully less than $1ea. We'll need 25-50.
We're filing 8.5x11 papers and CD/DVDs.
(I'm really surprised this is not easier to find).

Cons: straight top tab, adding a tab on a presentation folder by hand, hanging files, document sleeves, document envelopes.
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Best answer: I work in office supplies and I'm 90% sure you won't find these (the other 10% for the ones you do find that will be .30 each but will need to be ordered directly from China in minimum quantities of 5,000). I just checked with the 2 biggest business product suppliers in the country.

Pendaflex item # 16651 is close but only has one pocket and the tab is straight cut top tab.

I would use regular 2 pocket portfolios (report covers) in white and attach a white Post-It filing tab to each folder. It's easy peasy to do with only 50.
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This must exist, right?

Don't feel silly. 50% of my job is letting people down by confirming them that their simple dream office item actually doesn't exist. Uniformity for the win!
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Response by poster: Thanks WeekendJen.
I have the 1100 pg OfficeMax catalog, thicker than a phonebook, couldn't find it there either.
I'm going with your plan to get report covers and post-it tabs. Jen for the win.
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