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NYC Heatwave-filter: I need a bar (or other "public" place) that is both dog-friendly and air conditioned.

It's currently 102 degrees in NYC, and I just moved into a new apartment with no AC until tomorrow. I really want to get my poor, melting doggie out of that apartment, but fear that it's no better outdoors.

Does anyone know of a dog-friendly and air conditioned bar in the LES, East Village, Alphabet City, Nolita area of downtown Manhattan?
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Time Out New York recently did a whole feature on this very subject. Most of the dog-friendly places will have outdoor access (probably that's how they're dog-friendly), but it looks like there are two spots by you -- D.B.A. on First Avenue and Von on Bleecker near the Bowery.
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If you are highly desperate you can take small-to-medium sized dogs on the subway as long as they are in some type of carrier (or really just hanging out in a tote bag). I believe I saw icicles last weekend on the 4 train.
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Welcome to the Johnsons at Rivington and Essex. It's divey, but you can bring in your pooch.
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Not a bar but a "public" place, but I've been inside St. Marks Books with a dog and they had no problem with it.
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if you don't mind a subway ride, I'm pretty sure The Gate in Park Slope is dog-friendly.
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Drop Off Service in the East Village.
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Seconding Drop Off Service on A.
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also, even if you can't get out you can always rinse the pup with cold water from the shower.
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