The Mrs. wants her toes did!
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Where can I get the Mrs. a great pedicure in Austin, TX?

My wife's birthday is coming up. She's hinted (ok, stated - but I'm not too quick on the uptake) that she might enjoy an upscale pedicure for herself. I'd like to take that that one step further, and possibly throw in a massage, facial, or even a full spa treatment. Does anyone have any experiences they can share? What can I expect this to cost us? (don't get me wrong, I would spend anything for her, but she would kill me if I didn't get a good deal on it). This is in Austin, TX.
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I have not been to Mecca, but I have heard great things about it. They have different packages to choose from.
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I've sent Mrs. Clanger to salon 505 in the Arboretum for haircut and massage, she said it was good. She really liked Elizabeth Arden Red Door in Dallas' Galleria but they dont have one here. Aziz seems rated well, as is Milk and Honey and Viva. Saks in the arboretum has a spa.

There was a pedicure thread a while back so I'll post that too below:
all of them have their prices posted so you can gauge how much you want to get into there :)

Previous thread on Pedicures in Austin
Viva Day Spa
Salon 505
Aziz ...light! (sorry I couldn't resist)
Milk & Honey Spa
Halcyon at Saks
EA Red Door Spa for comparison in case you are ever in Dallas

There are probably others over in the Domain too that I'm missing...
I'm sure she will be very happy with anything you choose :)
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I'm not in Austin, so don't have much there, but if you're after a deal on it and have a little time, you might want to consider signing up for you area's Groupon mailing. I'm subscribed to both the Cleveland and Akron lists, and at least once a week, there's some sort of spa treatment being offered at a deep discount--for example, earlier this week, you could get a coupon for an hour-long massage at a fairly nice salon for $30 or $35. I'd imagine that other areas have similar deals, and if you're not wedded to a particular spa, you could probably save a bundle.

(Not affiliated, just pleased with the deals I've gotten through the service.)
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I used to do spa half-days at Avant, in the Gateway shopping center -- they were very good then, and I can't imagine they're not still very good. My favorite person from Avant (I think she was actually one of the spa managers) has since moved to Aziz, though, which probably means Aziz is also very good.
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I can personally recommend both Aziz and Viva Day Spa as linked above. My bridal party went to Aziz for manicures, pedicures and massages, and were all really happy. Additionally, I used to get my hair cut there. Viva Day Spa is also lovely, especially for massages and facials. I didn't ever get my nails done there, but the staff is great and I'm sure it would be a good experience.
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Just to close the thread out: she went to Viva for a massage and pedi, and loved it. So if you're looking in central Austin, this gets a recommendation.
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