Help get rid of flies off shrub
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How do I get rid of an infestation of flies from my euonymus (kiautschovicus/manhattan?) shrub?

I have a large shrub outside my front door and the flies are swarming around the flowers on the bush and getting inside the house. Googling shows that this is natural and needed for pollination but it is driving us crazy.

I have tried spraying with bug killer spray, but it hasn't helped. I have seen some mixed reviews on using a dish soap spray, but I might give that a shot. I tried trimming down the flowers, but its hard to do it without cutting off all the leaves.

It also seems like this year there are a lot more flowers than usual, possibly because I have been trimming the bush more to keep it smaller. Is there a way that I could prune so there are less flowers in the future?

Can anyone offer any help for my fly problem? Is there an effective way to kill/trap/repel these flies?
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A ziplock bag full of water hanging over a doorway is reputed to discourage flies from entering.
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