What to do in 13 hour transit time in Mumbai?
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I land in Mumbai on 3rd August at 10am and don't fly out until 11pm. What should we do to waste the time? Should we rent out a room in nearby hotel for the day or explore?
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It really depends where you're coming from and going to, as well as how long you'll need to be / have been awake. Mumbai in August tends to be wet and warm - just missing the peak of Monsoon in July. At least the rain might be warm - I'd opt for exploring a vast bustling city full of extremes and contrast over just another hotel room any time but YMMV. Enjoy.
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You need a visa to enter the country, so don't plan on doing anything at all unless you have one! Without a visa you'll be sitting in the transit corridor for the entire layover. In the Mumbai transit corridor there is a KFC, an indian food place that serves poor indian food, and a foot massage parlor staffed by blind people - two hours will set you back $75 CAD. Good luck!
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Explore. Anything in particular you want to check out?

Don't get fleeced by cabs, they charge 10 times from foreigners. If you want to help beggars, give them food, not money. Take care of your luggage.
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Unless you are from Bhutan, the Maldives, or Nepal, you need a visa to leave the international terminal. I don't remember there being any hotels inside the airport itself. There are "retiring rooms" but I think those are just for VIPs. There are places to leave your luggage in the airport.

If you have a visa, then entering the city might be worth it, just remember that you'll have to go through customs when you leave, and international security when you come back. Getting to the airport 3 hours ahead of a flight was recommended to me when I traveled in January 2009, and that was way more than enough time.
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Response by poster: Ok so exploring seems to be the best option! Is there anywhere nearer the international airport or is it worth going all the way into mumbai? Plus what is best way to travel?
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