Life happens To Buddy Bradley...WTF?
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How did Buddy Bradley lose his eye? Any Hate comics fans know?

I recently came across a review of the Hate Annual, Peter Bagge's compilation of all the stories he would probably publish if he did monthly or bi-monthly comics any more. Anyway, the splash page features Buddy Bradley wearing an eyepatch...what happened? I used to follow Hate pretty regularly, then Life started to take up time I used to devote to reading comics, and you know the rest of the story. Anyone? Bueller?
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I don't think he needs the eyepatch. It's a crazy affectation.
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Best answer: Yeah, there was never any "Buddy loses an eye" story; Bagge's said it's just Buddy going crazy:

[Interviewer]The impression that I’ve gotten from the last couple of annuals is that, since they’re these shorter stories, you try to make them as weird as possible. Buddy gets an eyepatch, essentially turns into Popeye, and then moves into a dump.

[Bagge]I’m making him crazy, and he’s just kind of going along with it, rather than being Mr. Angry Guy, which he always is. He’s just becoming a total lunatic, and since Lisa’s crazy too, she’s just quietly going along with it. The comedian that I did those Murray Wilson cartoons with, a guy named Dana Gould, used to do this routine that I very much identified with. He talks about when he was a kid, his dream job was to be the crazy old guy with one eye that works at the dump. When I was a kid, we’d go to the dump, and I used to wish that I was that guy. So I decided that that should be Buddy.

The Comics Journal message boards had a thread about the new look a few years back.
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And shaved head. Don't forget shaved head. Corncob pipe optional. In fact if you work in scrap recycling (a dump,) you either need really powerful shampoo, or you need to ditch the headhair entirely.
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