Wash my dogs lady parts!
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How to wash my lady dogs neither region

I need to collect a sterile urine sample from my lady dog. The vet has instructed me to wash her lady areas before I collect it so as not to further contaminate it. What's the best way to do this. She's a fluffy collie Shepard mix.
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Baby wipes? (That's what my parents' vet has told them to use on their dog to prevent it from reinfecting itself with giardia.)
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Seconding baby wipes. That's what (at least some) urologists have humans use before collecting samples in their offices, though I'm only assuming that's OK for dogs too.
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They actually have "pet wipes" at places like Petsmart, but I couldn't tell you if there's any need for these, which are probably more expensive than human wipes.
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I've used regular baby wipes on my male dog's hind end without any issues, but a washcloth with plain soap and water works better. Use dog shampoo, as human soap can be too dry for dogs' skin. Even baby shampoo can be irritating, although I guess it really depends on the dog.

Any chance you could get her shaved for this procedure? If she has long fur, it may be easier for everyone to take her to a groomer for a shave and a wash, especially if you might be nervous poking around down there.
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Looks like you already got a good answer, but for people they use alcohol wipes, so it would probably work for dogs, too.

They have no scent. They come in first aid kits but I'm not sure where else.
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You can buy alcohol wipes at a drug store ---they have them in packs of 100 or so (you use them if you have to give yourself a shot, for example).
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Don't use alcohol on your pet down there, ouch! Plain soap and water, benzalkonium chloride or castile soap wipes is what should be used!
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Good to know!

It doesn't hurt my bits, though, so what is different (I believe you, I'm just curious)?
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Alcohol wipes have alcohol in them (isopropyl, to be specific). Baby wipes, sani-wipes, handi-wipes, pet wipes, etc, have gentler things, and moisturizers and stuff like that.
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The wipes doctors use for urine samples are not alcohol wipes, they're benzalkonium chloride. They sell these at drugstores.
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Thanks for the clarifications. I learned something important today about disinfecting my bits.

(And, OP, sorry for the misinformed answer.)
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If they actually need a STERILE sample, they need to take it from her bladder with a needle or catheter. If this is for a culture & sensitivity test, you can easily end up with false positives by sending a voided sample, since there is no way to get a truly sterile sample if it's voiced. If you just need a midstream clean-catch sample for a urinalysis, use baby wipes, but if you need an actually sterile sample, it should be done by cystocentesis.
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It doesn't hurt my bits, though, so what is different (I believe you, I'm just curious)?

Alcohol on mucous membranes is not good. Here is the OSHA web site. Look under Health Hazard Info.
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