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What are some sites / online shops that carry items that seem to be curated by the site owner. I'm thinking of stores like Another Shop and Kiosk which stock limited qtys of items you don't necessarily see every day.
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Buy Olympia. (Disclosure statement: I know one of the owners.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, corpse, but I'll just clarify that I'm not looking for sites reselling artwork or hand-made goods like Etsy or Buy Olympia or Click For Art, etc.

I'm specifically interested in sites where people sell items that they have no affiliation with whatsoever--they're just offering these items because they like them--and these items are not t-shirts, posters, or things that would fit under the heading of "crafts".
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Velexo. Haven't yet bought from there, but planning to: I do like the implicit sensibility that goes into selecting the products on offer.
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Kisan Concept Store (also in Reykjavik and NYC) is this type of boutique: "With a meticulously curated mix of high-street women's brands, children's clothing, toys, fragrances, housewares and outerwear from around the world, Kisan Concept Store is an independent experimental retail space with a quirky and delightfully unpredictable collection. Artistically idiosyncratic glassware, stationary and books also make it a convenient gifting destination."
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Merchant 4
Ancient Industries
Brook Farm General Store
Eden & Eden

Hmmmm, I might be back put I'll have to poke around my bookmarks for more.
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The Curiosity Shoppe
Three Potato Four
Rare Device

three of my favorite... will keep looking.
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Not as heavily curated, but Home Town Favorites only stocks "rare" food/candy. I believe they mostly choose what to carry based on requests, so if it's there then there's probably someone, somewhere, who couldn't find it in a local store and who really wanted it.
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Vermont Country Store might qualify, I don't know if it's curated enough for you.

Also, Chinaberry sells children's books and toys and has recently branched out a little into stuff for parents as well. The founder, Ann Ruethling decided to only sell books that she liked. So the catalog reads like book reviews with ordering info grafted on. It's a little bit more generic now than when I first saw a catalog a decade ago, but it still has a very distinctive voice in the reviews and product descriptions. I do know that occasionally they do some crafts kits of their own, but most of the products are books or made by other companies.
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