Motorola Milestone Firmware Updates
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I have a Motorola Milestone. My service provider provides OTA updates several months after Google release them, about a month after Motorola releases them. This works well, but I'd like to upgrade sooner..

There are a few things I don't understand.

I can download a software (firmware) upgrade directly from the Motorola website. The update works over USB, at least initially.

OTA updates versus updates from the Motorola website
- If I update my firmware using the Motorola website will I still get OTA updates? Who from?
- Can I switch back to my provider for OTA updates if I want to?
- Will an update from the website keep my settings and files like an OTA update, or will it perform a factory reset too?

Baseband version
- How does the baseband version come into all of this?
- Could it be that my phone will stop working because I don't receive baseband updates?

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There are a whole communities of similarly minded folk ( I know! On the Internet? :-) ) who love to generate new custom rom sets and features for phones.

Try XDA Forums and do some reading. As with any process where you're updating firmware and flash on a consumer device, the path can potentially be dangerous.

I've updated my MyTouch and Nexus One with kernels and information from these forums, and it's an interesting place to gather new information.
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Response by poster: Thanks HannoverFist. I'm not looking for custom ROMs, I'm looking for using the official releases, bypassing my provider.
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