Swimming pools in New York
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I'm staying in New York for several weeks later this month, and want to keep up a regular exercise routine while I'm there. Can anyone recommend a swimming pool, preferably in the Upper East Side, that I could join per day or per week? I don't need anything fancy, just a quiet pool where I can do some lap swimming for 40 minutes or so without getting in anyone's way.

Asphalt Green shows up a lot in Google searches, and sounds like the sort of place I'm looking for, but I'd still appreciate personal recommendations. All other suggestions welcome.
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In case you are interested in truly basic pools for a very low price, there are various rec center pools scattered around the city. You can pay $36 for a full six-month period. They are certainly not fancy, and I doubt they'd be particularly quiet (it is summer, afterall) but perhaps in the early morning they might fit what you are looking for. I have only been to the indoor pool in Williamsburg and liked it, so YMMV. Here are just a few of the options:

John Jay Park Pool (York and 77th)

Thomas Jefferson Park Pool (East 112th and First Ave)

Lasker Pool at Central Park (110th and Lenox)
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I don't believe there's any fee for the John Jay pool -- there are only memberships charges for the city's indoor pools. Free swim periods at John Jay are likely to be crowded but the times reserved for lap swimming have been fairly quiet, in my experience. Here's info on the John Jay park and pool. Here is a list of other city pools that reserve time for lap swimmers in the morning and evenings.
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The pool at the 92nd st Y (http://www.92y.org/) is very nice- they use ozone to clean it, so it's less irritating to the eyes and sign.
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Best answer: Asphalt Green is the nicest of those pools, but it is not cheap—I think the day rate is $25. The city pools are cheap or free, but not very nice (and I was underwhelmed by the 92d Street Y). The Vanderbilt Y might be your best bet. Or if you are interested in an organized workout, Red Tide and Team New York have drop in rates.
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Response by poster: Thank you, all, for these very helpful responses. Much appreciated.
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