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I'm looking for a reccomendation for a good psychiatrist in Austin.

I have a history of manic depression. I took lithium for it in my teens, but stopped after a while because I didn't like how uniformly gray it made my emotions. Since then, I've just dealt with my chemical imbalances myself.

Due to a number of my life situations, I've been massively depressed recently, and it's starting to impair my daily functionality. I need some help getting out of this. I'd like some long-term counselling, but I'm also hoping -- against my usual nature, becuase it's been just that severe recently -- for a quick scrip for some antidepressants and mood stabilizers so I can try to keep my life from falling apart around me.

Anyone know anyone good? Near 78757 is preferred.
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I'm sorry you're in such a tough spot, Jammer. Unfortunately, I can't help you out with a reference, but I do have another suggestion. Some people who might want to help you might also be justifiably unwilling to publicize the fact that they see/saw a psychiatrist by broadcasting it here. This might include lurkers, who can't see the email address in your profile. So you might consider posting an email address, so that people can help you out and maintain their privacy at the same time.
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The woman I saw a few years ago was through Integrated Mental Health, which was the only group available through my health plan (hooray for hmo mental health care). She was awesome, but she moved away to colorado.

So, I can only give the following suggestions:
--follow googly's advice about posting your email addy so someone can contact you privately,
--consult your employee assistance program at work, if available, and
--ask your GP for a recommendation.

good luck! realizing you need help is the biggest step.
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I can tell you one to avoid, but am reluctant to post the name in public. Will send it to you if you email me.
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Thanks, guys. For anyone who can't see it, my emaill address is rjones at devzero dot org.

Mudpuppie, I'll be mailing you in a bit.
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well done.
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