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What language is this guy speaking? There's English in there and maybe Spanish? (I don't speak Spanish, so I don't know). Is this just a mixture of two languages or a real language that incorporates some English?
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He's Filipino.
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Even without audio, I'm pretty sure that's Tagalog.
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Yeah, that's certainly not Spanish.
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I can understand why he thought it was Spanish, though. Tagalog is deeply rooted in Spanish. For instance, hello in Tagalog is "Kamusta" - in Spanish, it's "Como Esta" - a bastardization of the phrase. Some words are the same - for instance "basura" means garbage in both languages.
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Tagalog is deeply rooted in Spanish

Careful. To be a pedant, the filipino are heavily influenced by Spanish, but rooted in the Austronesian family of languages (Javanese, Indonesian, Malay, etc).
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