TENS/EMS recommendations?
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After an accident a few years ago, I had a significant amount of physical therapy and they used a tens/ems unit both for muscle memory and for pain relief. I find some of the pain is returning, and I'd like to try one of these units before going the narcotic route. However, most of the sales sites I've found seem kind of shady. Does anyone have a medical supplier they recommend or any personal experience using one of the commercial units?
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dejah420; Tens units are very popular among my compatriots in the bdsm sect, but I myself don't enjoy them. By mid-morning, some metafilterian will probably have already answered your question, but if that doesn't happen, I'll get in touch with one of my friends and get you the info you need. Best of luck.
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Perhaps call your pharmacist? They might have leads towards a more 'reputable' dealer.
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I had a back injury last year and the tens/ems therapy was the only thing that helped. I've been looking into getting one for myself, and this seemed to be the least shady place I found in my search. You need a doctor's prescription if you're ordering in the US. (As for experience using a small commercial unit, I did borrow a friend's and it was okay, though not nearly as great as the monster machine at the physical therapist's. Still, it did the job.)
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A good TENS unit will be in the US$100 range and up, don't buy anything cheaper. Most big blue room medical supply places[1] can order you a quality unit if they don't have them in stock. My wife didn't need a prescription to get one but that maybe because she is an ATC or because we are in Canada.

[1] The kinds of places that sell wheelchairs, prosthetics and other speciality medical equipment.
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Thanks gang, all good suggestions. I hadn't even thought of the place where I rented the wheelchair or the pharmacist. If neither of those pan out, I'll drop you a line Clay and see what your friends recommend. :)
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