Auto wheel repair in Chicago?
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Auto wheel repair in Chicago?

I need a new wheel (perpetual slow leak is now a fast leak after many patches. I've been told by mechanics I need a new rim/wheel).

Yelp is driving me nuts. Each place is filled with a mix of 5-star praises and 1-star criticisms.

Please recommend a trustworthy wheel repair shop in Chicago (downtown or northside) for reliable and honest work. I have had terrible luck at my dealership and Aranda's on North.
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In the 21 years that I've owned cars, I've never bought a wheel or tire anywhere but Discount Tire and I have never had cause to regret it.

I can't speak for their Chicago locations personally, but I've been to stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, south Texas (Corpus Christi), Houston, Denver, Charlotte, and Phoenix. All of them have treated me well and provided good service, good products, and a reasonable price.
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I had a great experience with C-M Motors on North Damen (I'm pretty sure I yelped about it). I had a minor auto accident that was the other driver's fault, but required about $2K in bodywork. They had the work done by when they said they would, did a great job, and even detailed my car and vacuumed the interior. The other driver's insurance paid for the repairs, but I would say C-M's prices are about mid-range.
I have had friends who have had good experiences with Ashland Tire and Auto, although I personally cannot vouch for their service.
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Best answer: You may just need a new rim/wheel. Is it an alloy or steel? Either way, I would personally trust Ashland Tire and Auto to give me the truth on an issue like this.
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I've had good experiences with Cassidy Tire at Diversey and Halsted.
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I no longer own a car, but nthing Ashland Tire & Auto. Great guys.
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