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Please recommend a microphone for family Skype time. Caveat: multiple people talking at once while sitting 6ft. away from the computer.

Since we live on the opposite coast from our families, we're trying to make Skype sessions a more regular occurrence. I'm currently using the mini clip-on microphone that came packed into my Creative webcam, and it's time to upgrade.

It's frustrating to use my gaming headset mic, since multiple people need to talk. And our computer is set up as part of the living room entertainment center, so we sit on the couch about six feet from the television.

I wouldn't mind a handheld mic that we could pass around...but would it be possible to get mic that just sits near the computer and can pick up our voices from that distance? This is for Windows, if it matters.
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ah. "conference" was the keyword i was missing in my searches. thanks, jannw!

specific recommendations are still welcome.
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Most decent webcams have a microphone that will pick up anything nearby. I am using a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000, and it picks up everything.

It shows up (at least under Windows 7) as a USB microphone. I rarely use the camera itself, and it doesn't need to be turned on for the microphone to work.
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