What would happen if I didn't show up to a GRE exam?
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What would happen if I didn't show up to a GRE exam?

There was a thread here about not showing up to the GRE:

However, the responses were about cancelling, and that is not an option now (exam in 2 days.) I simply won't be able to be there on that day. Will the score show up as cancelled, or no-show, or will ETS not record anything at all?
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"Yahoo answers" response (take with a grain of salt?)
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One other source. The consensus seems to be that, apart from losing the money, there is no penalty for a no-show.
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Why don't you call the testing center?
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Speaking from experience, nothing will happen. Apparently it will be recorded somewhere, but that record will not be released with score inquiries.
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I did this. It's not like you get a zero on your permanent record, you just don't get a refund.
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I also did this. I specifically called up ETS to ask what would happen, or if I needed to do anything, and the woman on the other end of the phone seemed confused that I was even asking the question. Grad schools won't know the difference.
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Used to work as a test proctor - nothing happened to no-shows. No score was created, therefore no score was released to any schools (to my knowledge, at least).

Try calling the test center - they maaaaaaaaaay be able to reschedule you.
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Heh. I'm the guy who asked the question you linked to.

I'm holding my score report in front of me right now (a copy of the one that gets sent to institutions), and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it doesn't show up on your score report. No cancel, no no-show, no anything.
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