Dare I say what I want in a wedding card?
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Wedding card sentiments - am I allowed to write more? What do you typically write?

It's been forever since I've been to a wedding. The one I'm going to this evening- I've been friends with the bride for eight years and met the groom five years ago when they first started dating. According to them, I'm responsible for taking their favorite picture of each other back then. I imagine the wedding photographer tonight will finally beat my incumbency. Needless to say I've been an amateur photographer for years.

So, I bought a camera lens as a gift for them. She saw mine and wanted it when we hung out last year. I think it'd be a great addition to her new beginner DSLR that I hope they take on their honeymoon. I jotted out this greeting on my phone while thinking about what to write and want to know if it's appropriate, too long, pointless, stupid, or what.

Granted, I'm not married or close to it so I don't even feel totally qualified to say some of these things, but I dig trying to make symbolism out of a gift. Corrections, grammar, style - I welcome it all.

And yes, being to concise has never been my strong suit.

Congratulations ___ and ___ on finally making it to the official start of the rest of your life together. Thank you for allowing me to share in your momentous event! The gift I selected will allow you two to get two great effects. The first is blurring of the background around your subject- a sort of remembrance to not let the background noise lose focus of each other. The second effect is to be able to shoot in low light without flash. Stay true to each other and the truth will be there- day or night, without the facade that a flash could provide.

(photogs, I know, there are exceptions to the rules but work with me here!)

Oh yeah. Card inside the wrapping paper so it doesn't get lost, right?
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Sounds good. Don't worry about being too longwinded; styles vary in these matters and you are not being too longwinded anyway.

Card can go outside wrapping paper if you label the box itself (not the wrapping paper) with your name too.
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I think it's really nice, it shows real thought, and that'll make it stand out.
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I think it's lovely, and they will be touched by your sentiment. Go for it!
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Maybe take out "finally making it to the official" - and simply say:

"Congratulations __ and ___ on the start of the rest of your life together (etc)..

I think it's great, otherwise.
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It's perfect - you mixed genuine sentiment with information relevant to the gift, which is what you want in a wedding-gift card.
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It's sweet, it's personal, it's appropriate. Don't overthink it! They will love it.
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I think this is super sweet and thoughtful, something I would have loved as a new bride.

However, if like many newlyweds, they leave for their honeymoon tomorrow morning, they may not open it until they get back home. After our wedding, my parents took all the gifts to their home, as we were already packed and left the very next morning for our honeymoon.

If you think they will be disappointed to find it after they get home and would have liked to have used it on the trip, maybe just drop a hint in conversation that you hope they'll get to use your gift on the trip.
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really sweet and it feels genuine
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card def inside the wrapping paper, good thought
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...a sort of remembrance to not let the background noise [cause you to] lose focus of each other...

Or something similar to remove the implication that the background noise is "focused on each other." (Looks like a simple typo.)
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I think it's really sweet! I'd maybe make two small changes- one to remove the "finally" part, and the other just a little sentance re-jig for clarity:

Congratulations ___ and ___ on your wedding, and all my best wishes for the rest of your life together!
The first is blurring of the background around your subject- the marriage metaphor here is to stay focussed on each other no matter what noise goes on in the background.

It's not long-winded at all, and it's a great gift!
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In conferring with the maid of honor (whom I've known as long as the bride), she already took it upon herself to purchase said item. *snaps fingers* Darn.

Thank you all for the vote of confidence! I assume weddings are lunatic until proven sane but maybe it's time to retire that theory.

I had a blast and am looking forward to the next one!
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Nice write-up, and I'm glad you had fun! Weddings are only as crazy (or fun) as those involved.
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