a good cat vet in maryland/dc?
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meow.meow.ow in maryland: anyone have a recommendation for a great vet in maryland/dc for cat?

he hasn't been in a few years and means the galaxy to me, so i'm looking for a really good place. thanks!
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Friendship Hospital for Animals! That's where I took my Dolley when I lived in DC. They're pricey, but friendly, thorough, and clearly love their clients. Can't recommend them enough.
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Used to go to Dr. Weiss at the Bradley Hills Animal Hospital in Bethesda, MD. He was great, really very passionate about what he does.

My cat had to have pretty significant surgery under his care, and the whole process went really smoothly - and I never once felt like I was being scammed or pressured into paying for unnecessary things, and the costs were always outlined and estimated well.
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Norbeck Animal Clinic is our favorite. We drive past several places closer to home (Rockville) that kinda suck.
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Estelle Ward at Eastern Animal Hospital in Baltimore is the best vet in all the land. And she's just as good with humans as she is with animals.
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I was always a fan of Collins Hospital for Animals when I lived in the District. It's a small shop with extremely nice people who clearly love animals, and I felt great taking my cats there. But beware: they are expensive. "Boutique" sums it up pretty much perfectly.
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The cats I grew up with went to Dr. Moran at Town & Country Animal Clinic in Olney, MD for their entire lives - they lived to 19 and 21 respectively. The clinic doesn't have a website, but their number is (301) 774-7111‎. I don't know any of the other vets there, but Dr. Moran was just awesome.

We found Dr. Moran to be wonderful to both cats even though one was just plain mean. She was able to perform both preventative and acute care with a great "bedside" manner, and she was never stingy with advice and ideas about any problems we had. She also never gave us grief for the choices we made for our cats, such as letting one be an indoor/outdoor cat, amputating the tail of one when he got cancer (in his tail), and doing the three-year rabies vaccine instead of the one-year.

The office itself feels like someone's living room, and is always bustling and cheerful but not chaotic or scary. We never had to wait for an appointment as scheduled except once when there was a true emergency in the office. They were kind enough to reschedule us and waive some fees as an apology.
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We took our 3 cats to Del Ray Animal Hospital in Bethesda from 2004-2006 (we then left the area). I thought the doctor was professional, pleasant, thorough and not out to rob you blind, which is an experience we had over and over with vets in the DC area.
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If you're willing to drive down into NOVA a bit, I can heartily recommend the Kingstowne Cat Clinic (warning 1998-era website ahead).

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the vets and techs there have been really great with our cats. Plus, as it's cats-only, they don't freak out quite so much about going there as they did when we took them to places that were full of barking dogs. (Our younger cat seems to actually regard it as a sort of field trip / sniff-other-cats-butts expedition.)

Not sure how they stack up price-wise to other places. Didn't strike me as being that outrageous but all we've had are checkups and vaccinations.
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Probably too far north, but the Falls Road Animal Hospital is world class (and priced accordingly) although their website is not.
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Brookeville Animal Hospital in Brookeville, MD. Both Dr. Engel and Dr. Kane sincerely care about all of their clients. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful they are.
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We LOVE our vet, and everyone that we've recommended her to that's started seeing her loves her, too. She's been treating various family pets of ours for 14 years. Here's her (really awful) website. She's out in Gaithersburg, near the airpark, but to us, she's well worth the drive (from Rockville).
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Thank you for all the recommendations! Gonna check one of these out and will report back!
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i ended up at beltsville animal hospital - a visit and 2 vaccinations only cost $60. i wish they had taken a little more time with the mr. meow, but it felt like a small town vet practice, which was actually pretty nice.
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