Need a location for our company picnic in the Baltimore/Prince George's County area!
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I'm looking for a place to hold a company picnic roughly midway between Baltimore city and Prince George's County. We're looking for a park or other outdoor space that could accommodate around 100 people and permits the serving of alcohol. Grills would be a bonus (although realistically we'll probably end up renting them), and we definitely need space for a moon bounce! Our tentative date is August 7th. Ideas? Thanks!
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I would try Centennial Park in Columbia. They allow alcohol by permit, which is probably one of your bigger challenges.
posted by rabidsegue at 7:54 AM on June 23, 2010

Rabidsegue - good luck getting a rental at this point in Columbia! AFAIK, every park in the area is booked solid for the summer.
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