Please Identify: "Doing Doing, Bing, Bing, Bing"
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Can you identify the bass guitar sample used in this remix of Alphawezen's "Speed of Light"? It sounds like something by Radiohead but I can't seem to nail it down. Thanks!
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Maybe I'm slow, but it took me a long time to hear what you're talking about. Midrange, between the trebly synth drums and the bass thoomps, right? The easiest part to hear is the slide up, then down a... (insert interval here that I can't identify because my ear sucks).

Hard to even recognize as bass. Either way, I don't recognize it; I'm fairly certain it's not Radiohead.
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I think you're gonna need a better example... do have/know Final Cut or iMovie or something? Maybe put a single frame flash whenever that instrument plays and export a video? Cause I can't pick out what you're talking about.
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Response by poster: Supercres - you got it, that odd slidey thing. I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before. At least I know it's not Radiohead now.

Apologies for the lousy clip. I'm afraid I'm not savvy enough to try to manipulate it or pull out the relevant sample but I'll try to track a lengthier/better clip and then maybe repost later. Thanks anyway all!
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You could probably mess with EQ in Audacity to emphasize those frequency ranges.

(The interval is an octave plus a minor third, right? It does sound a little familiar, but I can't tell if it's just a really typical chord progression or what.)
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Except for one short part that I don't think is a match, it sounds a lot like a sped-up sample of Sign O The Times by Prince. But I don't think that's it. Just a wild and probably-wrong guess, since the question hasn't been answered yet.
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