Samba printer networking
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My boss has a desktop running Windows 2000, attached to it is a non-network hp inkjet. Also on boss's desk sits a g4 powerbook with a wireless connection to the school.

She wants to print to that pc printer from her powerbook. I know that I can buy a copy of DAVE and probably get this working. What is frustrating is that when I open the "my network" icon in OS 10.3.x, I can see her pc. When I click on it a password dialogue comes up. When I sign in, an error banner pops up that says "smb/cifs can't find it alias missing ha ha" or something similar.

Is there a simple script or something I could run on the win2k machine to make its printer more visible to the powerbook, or are my only two choices either a monastic study of smb/cifs networking, or buying DAVE for 80 bucks?
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1. Open Applications -> Utilities -> Printer Setup Utility
2. Click on "Add" in the Printer List window
3. Select "Windows Printing" from the pull-down menu
4. Navigate to your workgroup's printer
5. Click "Add"
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The boss had gone for the day when you posted this, but I suspect that if the pc disappears when attempting to browse via the network neighborhood, that the difficulty will persist into the printer networking. However, I'll try it out tomorrow and report back.
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If his computer goes to sleep, that will take it off the network. Check Power settings and such to make sure that his machine stays on the net.
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Ok, it worked! One thing that happened is that even though I got "object cannot be found" types of errors it still connected.
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