A good place to get a haircut in or around Hell's Kitchen, NYC?
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A good place to get a haircut in or around Hell's Kitchen, NYC?

I'm trying to find a salon for a haircut that's located preferably not too far from Hell's Kitchen (though I'm fine with taking a trip to some other area). I did see this question, but it focuses more on barbershops rather than salons. Yelp hasn't been very helpful, so I thought I'd see if the folks here could make some recommendations. Not looking for anything too fancy - just a place where I can hopefully get an appointment quickly and get a decent cut. Thanks, all!
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Astor Place Hair is cheap and fast. It's 2 Astor Place. It's closer to NYU rather than Hell's kitchen. I don't know if you're looking for a salon with appointments or what, but if you need a simple cut for $20 this'll do you. they are downstairs in a basement. You can just walk in.
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I like using lifebooker for finding salon type things in NYC. You can search by neighborhood and many of the individual services at salons are rated and commented about.
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In Chelsea, but my SO used to swear by Bumble & Bumble. You can get free cuts if you go on certain training days and such.
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David Ryan salon on 46th Street between 9th/10th is pretty decent.
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I've been to David Ryan (and saw Robb) and to Timothy John's (and saw Brandy), both in Hell's Kitchen. Both cuts were good, and appointments weren't hard to come by. I found both of these places on yelp or citisearch, just looking for salons in my price range ($60-80 womens cuts). Brief warning - Robb's prices went up (over $90 last time I saw him), which is why I stopped going. This was pre-recession though, so he might have come back down, and there are more junior stylists there with lower prices.

I don't know if you have any specific hair needs or price ranges though. I basically just tell the stylists that I want my straight limp hair to have some movement and be easy to take care of, and I usually get the same shoulder-length layered cut no matter where I go. The only more creative cut I've gotten has been from Glenn Jason in Chelsea, who is a little more expensive ($90-120) but not ridiculous. The big problem with him is that appointments are really hard to come by since it's just the one stylist. If you wanted to try him, it would require a level of plan-aheadedness (usually at least two weeks unless you can go in the middle of the day) that I can never seem to muster.
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I Just realized you're a guy, so your prices will of course be lower than the ones I quoted. Just a note that I've definitely seen quite a few guys getting cut at both David Ryan and Timothy John's.
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