Can you recommend an exercise class for the terribly uncoordinated?
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Can you recommend an exercise class for the terribly uncoordinated?

I like the structure of going to a class on a regular schedule, and it seems to be the only way I can really stick to it.

However, I have ZERO rhythm and my attempts at attending step class, self defense class, and zumba have all been disastrous as I cannot keep up with the class. I get so behind/confused with the steps/movements.

I've done yoga with better results...I'm assuming because they move MUCH slower.
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When you're talking about step and zumba, you're talking about classes that have choreography. How about boot camp? How about a "body work" class -- which is what my gym calls a combo of cardio and weights? Definitely stick with yoga, and maybe find a flow or vinyasa class -- those tend to be more of a workout in addition to the contemplative aspects of yoga. I'd say join a gym and try every class they offer till you find what's right for you.
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What are your goals?

Boot camp courses are very popular right now, and don't require much by way of coordination. The selling point of this classes is that they provide a nice mix of strength training and cardio and are usually designed such that people of all fitness levels can get something out of them.
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Spinning would be hard to be uncoordinated at.
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Yup. Came in here to suggest spinning.
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I'm terribly uncoordinated too, and spinning was right up my alley. Hard as hell, too.
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Yeah, anything "unchoreographed" should be fine - spinning, bootcamp, even some kickboxing classes. I found myself Lost in Zumba, but do all of the above and love them.
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Try NIA. It's not super-intense, but it makes you feel great afterwards, and might be a good stepping stone to more advanced classes.
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I like water aerobics. You can fall over and not hurt yourself - it's also done wonders for my balance and muscle tone over time.
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Spinning is perfect. I suck at zumba, I suck at step aerobics, even though I have very natural rhythm I have NO coordination to go with it. Spinning is what you want! Not to mention if done correctly, you will also see results fairly quickly as well.

(Water aerobics isn't bad either. If you are way unfit it's a good place to start but honestly you really don't have to be in great shape to start spinning as long as you promise yourself to go at your own pace. The program -at least the Johnny G. spinning I am familiar with-is meant for ALL fitness levels.)
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I have terrible coordination, and I love BodyPump. There are only about a dozen moves to learn, most of them simple ones like bicep curls or squats, and it works all your muscle groups in an hour. My YMCA used to have a 15-minute "intro to BodyPump" session where you could meet the instructor and learn the moves, your gym might too.
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If you do all right with yoga, you should be fine with Pilates.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I will attempt my first spinning class tomorrow. My gym calls it "Cycle Studio" but that's the same, I'm guessing? Anything I should know as a first-timer?
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Anything I should know as a first-timer?

Try to arrive early and let the instructor know you are new. They will likely offer to adjust the bike for your size. Take them up on this offer if they do...your butt will still complain the next day but it will complain 52% less. Bring water and small towel.

Also seconding Body Pump.

Also also I would suggest that coordination is part of functional fitness and you should not completely abandon efforts to improve it. It doesn't matter where you start; only that you work on getting better. Maybe try again doing one of these classes you found challenging... just once a month or something, as a small break form your normal routine. Go to the same class with the same teacher each time for at least 5 classes. It will get easier, I promise, and you will likely notice being more coordinated in your day-to-day activities.
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