Who took this great photograph?
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Do you have the book, "The Other End of the Leash (Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs)" by Patricia McConnell? Can you look in or on your book and see if there is a photo credit for the cover photograph?

I'm in love with this photo, and would like to buy a print, if possible, and definitely would like to see more of the photographer's work. However, I only have the E-book version of the book, which doesn't include this cover art, and I wasn't able to find the information by looking at Amazon's "look inside" feature for this book. (I saw that the book design is by Helene Berinsky, but I don't know if she also designed the cover -- and feel fairly sure she didn't take the cover photo regardless.)
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Best answer: Jacket photograph by Elliot Erwitt/Magnum Photos, 6/02.

Hope thiis helps -- terrific photo (and of course one of my favorite books -- I knew right where my copy was!)
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Maybe try contacting the author? She has a website here. And there's an email address on the Contact Us page if you have a question regarding her book.

More directly, here, her name is a link to a U-Wisconsin email address, where she is on the faculty (and her UW website).

One of those might work...
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Best answer: Here it is!
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Response by poster: Woo! Thanks, vers! (I love the book, too.) This is so great!!!

I was hoping to see some more dog pix along the same line as the book cover one, and he has a ton of them! (17 pages of thumbs, at the link you found, with the dog photos interspersed among them -- plus at least one dog album. And here is his personal site.)

And it appears that collector's prints are available. :)
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(Always happy to help, especially a fellow dog lover! I'm glad you backtracked to the gallery -- he has so many more wonderful photos there.)
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