Help me get Netflix Instant Streaming Working in Internet Explorer
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Netflix Instant Streaming and Internet Explorer not working. Long post inside.

The Netflix Movie Viewer requires ActiveX to be enabled. Please verify in your Internet Explorer security settings that ActiveX is enabled, then reload this page to try again.

You may need to disable firewall or anti-virus software to enable ActiveX.

Is the error I receive whenever I try to stream movies with Netflix in Internet Explorer 8.

Heres what I've done to troubleshoot:

Netflix streaming works fine in Firefox.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight, first uninstalling it through control panel, then after a reinstall of right clickling 'Sliverlight.exe' and choosing 'Run as Admin', still same error, also then ran Revo Uninstaller to completely remove Silverlight, and reinstalled same as above, still no fix.

If I disable 'Silverlight Addon' in Internet Explorer I'm prompted to enable it on the netflix site, but then I receive the above error.
I've added netflix to 'trusted sites' and also set the internet zone to 'medium' and enabled all activex settings just for troubleshooting, still nothing.

Netflix support has punted to Silverlight support. I've also went to the advanced tab and 'Reset' all Internet Explorer settings to default and still no resolution.

I've went to sites like

In internet explorer and they work fine, it is only Netflix Movie Viewer seems to have the issue.

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I turned on 'prompting' for all activex controls in Internet Explorer, I am prompted to allow ActiveX controls to run when trying to stream a movie, yet still receive the same error.
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With your IE security settings at the default levels try adding to your trusted sites.
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Yeah, I tried that with no resolve
"I've added netflix to 'trusted sites' and also set the internet zone to 'medium' and enabled all activex settings just for troubleshooting, still nothing"
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I'm sorry if this is missing the point, but why is it preferable to stream through IE when it works fine in Firefox?
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Are you behind a firewall or filter of any kind? I'm just thinking that it could be blocking something there.
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Not behind a firewall or filter, also looking to stream through IE because that's what windows media center uses as back end and would like to use the WMC interface for streaming once I get IE working.
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Have you tried going into WMC and trying to view Netflix VOD in there? I haven't tried setting it up for Netflix yet, but most of the WMC stuff is pretty plug-and-play. When I setup my xbox to use it it was just a couple of clicks.
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Yes I have, I get the same error as in IE.
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Are you on a 64bit OS? I tried using the 64bit IE8 that comes with Windows 7 and have had numerous problems with plugins (flash, etc). If you're using the 64bit IE8 try the non-64bit.
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Have you tried reinstalling IE? Standard Microsoft fix!
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I am using 32-Bit for giggles I tried the 64-Bit, it actually tried to install silverlight, but then of course said it can't in a 64-Bit browser.
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