Where can I find large white plastic bags?
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Our neighborhood recycling program requires that I put plastics and aluminum in white plastic bags. Locally I can only find 13 gallon bags in white, while I can find 33 gallon in black. Any suggestions for a reliable place to order large white bags online?
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In which country?

(sorry this question seems to be my thing)
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Best answer: Profile says Houston, I'm assuming US.

When in doubt, I always check amazon...this seems to be the best price for heavy-duty, this for regular (or not as heavy?) duty. It ships from 3rd parties, but they both have good ratings. I searched "33 gallon white" (without the quotes).
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Response by poster: Sorry, US. Geesh, I must have searched Amazon a half dozen time. Thanks.
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I get my white garbage bags at Costco. Not sure if there's one in your area, though.
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Which isn't exactly online.... My woops.
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I'm used to places (not, however, in the USA) where the recycling program supplies their special bags (not just any old blue/white bag, oh no) free of charge. Is it possible that you can contact your local recycling program to find out if they provide or sell suitable bags themselves, or know of a local supplier? Presumably you are not their only client to want this kind of bag....
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Response by poster: I had checked, we must provide our own bags. The 13 gallon work, but I have to replace it at least once and 33 gallon would get us through the whole week. Also, larger bags with more stuff in them have less chance of rolling down the street than smaller, lighter bags. They also have less chance of getting stuck on a dog's collar. I once chased a neighbor's dog for over 1/2 hour trying to catch him and detangle him from a bag of milk cartons. He was having a blast.

The ones on Amazon seem a bit thin, but they don't need to carry anything heavy just plastic and aluminum, so I may give them a shot. Thanks!
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