Road trip to Long Island, Hamptons, North Fork
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I'm going on a two-day road trip through Long Island, Hamptons, North Fork with my parents. Help me find stuff to do!

My parents are in NY this week so I will rent a car and take them out of the city a little bit. So far the idea is to leave very early, drive to the Hamptons, maybe all the way to Montauk, sleep one night in Sag Harbor or Greenport, drive around the North Fork and come back to the city at night.

We don't really want to hang out at the beach or swim - the idea is just to drive around and do a lot of sightseeing - see the houses, the beaches, nature, walk around and do some window shopping on the small LI towns if there are any worth stopping by, and have some good food while doing all these things.

Since I have limited experience with that area, and suggestions on the Internets are plenty and hard to filter the signal from the noise, I am turning to the trusted hive mind of Metafilter for suggestions on stuff to do.
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Best answer: This site:

I live in the Hamptons, and checking out home/garden tours is cool, too. I think Sag Harbor/North Haven/Shelter Island are the best way to walk around/enjoy nature & history, plus you have a direct route to the North Fork via ferry.

Local papers:
Dan's Papers
Sag Harbor Express
East Hampton Star
Southampton Press
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Best answer: I'm much more familiar with the North Fork -- I would say you have to go to the Hellenic for greek food -- I've heard all sort of celebrities make a special trip to go there, though I've never seen any. Eating on the patio is lovely and the lemonade is addictive. Greenport is darling and a nice place to walk around. Love Lane in Mattituck is barely a block long, but there's an expensive bakery there that's amazing.
Many people feel the need to get a Briarmere Pie-- when it's busy there are close to 60 cars in the parking lot. I like the cherry cream, my MIL likes the cherry peach.
And as that would put you on the 'north road' on the way back to the city, Port Jefferson is pretty cute to walk around in, too.
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Best answer: You might want to visit some of the North Fork wineries.
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Best answer: Nick & Toni's

You will need reservations.
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Best answer: What about the Riverhead Aquarium, is that on the agenda? There are tons of farmstands, but I don't know if that is the thing to do with people when traveling... produce doesn't always travel well.
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Best answer: Do you like art? Islip has a nice contemporary art museum, and you can tour Jackson Pollack's house in the Hamptons.
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Best answer: Riverhead Aquarium calls itself "Atlantis" -- it's small, but you get to pet sting rays, which would thrill me at twice the price. Seriously. I wanted to take one home.
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The best thing about Long Island is the south shore beaches. There's not a whole lot else.
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Best answer: The camera obscura in Greenport is worth a visit if it's a sunny day. Beall & Bell has great antiques. For breakfast or lunch, I really like the Cutchogue Diner.

northfrkd might give you some other good ideas.
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Best answer: Braun's Seafood in Cutchogue isn't cheap, but they have terrific fish, fresh and frozen, and a new eatery with pretty good fried fish and lobster rolls and such.
Walk around Greenport and get a drink on the water. There are a string of vineyards along the North Fork that can be fun to check out.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the responses, specially MeiraV! I loved Hellenic, got myself a pie and got creeped out of my mind by the sting rays. Better yet my parents loved everything.

Interestingly, Greenport was a ghost town. I the season hasn't really started, but we basically had the town to ourselves.
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