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If I like Rahsaan Roland Kirk's Rip Rag and Panic, what Sun Ra album will I like?

Also, what other artist's, beside Cecil Taylor, would I like? I already have Bitch's Brew and am familiar with most of miles' ouevre. I'm thinking like Ornette Coleman or anybody with the same wacky alien mindset as Sun Ra. I don't want to go into John Zorn-ish territory though and I'd like to stay contemporary to Sun.
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People have gotten lost in Sun Ra´s vast discography and never returned, but based on what you´ve written here, I´m going to suggest as starters:

Reflections In Blue (Black Saint, 1987)
Sound of Joy (Delmark, 1968)
Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy (Saturn, 1967; reissue: Evidence, 1992)
Nothing Is (ESP, 1970)
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Other artists:

John Coltrane's Ascension
Albert Ayler
Steve Reid
They're contemporary, but I think the Exploding Star Orchestra would be a good fit.
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Since you mention the wacky-alien-mindset part, how about Moondog?
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I imagine you already know Monk and Mingus and Coltrane, and you've already looked up Taylor and Coleman's collaborators (e.g. Sunny Murray, William Parker, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden) and Miles' other electric albums (I like On the Corner, but also Pangaea or Agharta).

You might like some of the associations, like the AACM and Human Arts Ensemble, and a lot of the loft-jazz scene.

What are your favorite Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman albums?

(I like a lot of the people you mention, but I'm not exactly clear on what you're looking for--the wacky alien mindset is unique, and 'contemporary to Sun Ra' covers most of the history of jazz. If you could elaborate more, it might be possible to give better suggestions.)
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Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch. Oliver Nelson's the Blues and the Abstract Truth.
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if you like cecil taylor, you might like marilyn crispell
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I really like "The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra". Nice, tight charts with great horn arrangements. Not a contemporary of Ra but you might like the Vandermark 5s
"Free Jazz Classics, Vol.3&4". Vol.4 is all Kirk songs.
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Well I actually don't like Cecil Taylor so that's why I excluded him. I guess what I'm looking for is that sweet spot between Coltrane and miles' bitches brew with some wacked out philosophy behind it like Sun Ra. I don't want to get into fusion like Mahavishnu though. I guess my main question as about sun ra albums.
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Any of these compilations might provide some jumping-off points.
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