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Can I apply for federal employment under Schedule A?

I have a severe hearing loss in both ears that is partially compensated for with hearing aids, and a resulting slight speech impediment. I can communicate orally if the environment does not have background noise. I don't communicate that well with strangers.

I am not certain if this qualifies as "severe physical disability" for Schedule A hiring of persons with disabilities. I find that deafness is listed, but do you have to be totally deaf for Schedule A preference? If I don't qualify, I don't wish to appear to be trying to game the system.

I have written various fed agencies and OPM about this issue and received no direct answers.
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Here's your answer:

The Federal Government has special appointing authorities for persons with disabilities. To be eligible for these noncompetitive, Schedule A appointments, a person must meet the definition for being disabled. The person must have a severe physical, cognitive, or emotional disability; have a history of having such disability; or be perceived as having such disability. In addition, the person must obtain a certification letter from a State Vocational Rehabilitation Office or the Department of Veterans Affairs to be eligible for appointment under these special authorities.

In other words, you'd need to contact one of the above places and have them determine whether you can receive such a certification letter.
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