Recommended home design software
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Anyone have recommendations for home construction / design software? I'm looking for a reasonably powerful software package that will let me do both design and 3D visualization of the results.

I'm looking for packages that are more geared to construction than layout - I don't so much care if it does furniture or landscaping as much as if it does walls/floors/stairs etc. Ability to handle two story houses is a must. I'm fine with it being tough to learn, or CAD oriented, as long as it lets me look at a rough rendering in 3D.
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SketchUp will do that for you.
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My designer uses Chief Architect
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AutoDesk has Revit and Architectural Desktop. The learning curve on AD is very steep. Revit not as so much but I'm not sure how it is on detailing.

I use straight 2D AutoCAD and then do renderings in 3D Studio Max.
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I just downloaded the SketchUp demo yesterday, and was surprised at how easy and intelligent the interface was. It allows walkthroughs, should do what you want.
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Another vote for sketchup. That shit is *awesome* -- lots of power, zero learning curve. It's a great way to have comps to show people (real architects, contractors, etc.). It won't do wiring diagrams and other administrivia of design/construction.

But it's awesome for what it is. I espeically like the option to 'turn the lines into sketches' for that architectural comp look.
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I haven't tried SketchUp, but VectorWorks is pretty solid, especially if you are more concerned with creating construction drawings. If you are just starting out, it is much better than AutoCAD IMHO.
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Well, if you want to go that way, Corel Designer (nee MicroGrafx Designer) is pretty skookum, according to this review.
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