Win XP driver for Motorola V220 phone
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I have a Motorola V220 mobile phone, and it's got a USB connection. I can't find a driver for Win XP. ?

I've found drivers for 98 and 2k via sites such as, but nothing seems to work for XP. Does anyone know if there's a 3rd party driver or any other way to get my phone hooked up via USB in order to save phone books, pictures, etc.? Thanks.
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You need either Motorola's Mobile Phone Tools (MPT) or the free P2K Manager. A list of programs can be found here, though you can also 'find' MPT in many other fine locations. A list of vXXX modding reference material can be found in this thread.
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BTW, you can find MPT+cable sets for ~$20 on eBay if you decide to go that route.
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(Sorry to hijack - if anyone knows a cheap source for this phone let me know, i.e., much cheaper than ~ $130US on Ebay. My wife lost her brand new one and is bummed.)
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Thanks for the tip boaz!

Sorry SNACKeR, mine was free w/ signup . . .
posted by petebest at 3:46 PM on February 28, 2005

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