Travelling governors
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Is there any way to find how much time each state governor (in the US) has spent outside of their home state?
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Leg bracelets would be the surest, and in some cases perhaps most apt, method of tracking them. I think it will be hard to figure this out with official sources because they aren't likely to want to advertise how often they actually are where you figure they should be. (Though of course governors do need to go to other places on business.)

I wonder if there's an adversarial group that would be interested in numbers like this? I'll snoop around. But maybe the best trick would be to ask Republicans in a state with a Democratic governor, and vice versa.
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Perhaps you could call their offices and ask if they have a calendar of speaking events, speeches, and such?
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This is the kind of thing that a local paper would keep track of, but only if they felt it was significant/bad. I don't think any national concern would be interested in tracking this kind of thing.
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Do you mean *while* the governor is governor, or how much time has the governor spent outside of the state in his or her entire life? Where I live, that's an important point come election time, actually.

This page gives you links for every current governor. That might help if you're looking for the broader information, but as for something that tracks the movements of all current governors, I dunno. . . .
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