What is the best steakhouse in Kansas City, MO?
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I'm going to Kansas City this week on business. I would like to eat at a steakhouse. I will have a car and money really isn't an issue. What is the best steakhouse in Kansas City, MO?
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Shouts out from KCMO!

This is a hard, hard choice. I've consulted several friends on this and your best bet is Plaza III or Hereford House. The Hereford House is where the Kansas City Strip was invented, but I believe the Plaza III to be a KC must. It's slightly more upscale than the Hereford House, but it is slightly more authentic KC (if that's possible).

You'll need to eat lunch somewhere too, so make sure it is Arthur Bryant's BBQ. We have Gates, Smokestack, KC Masterpiece and a couple hundred more equally as deserving BBQ places -- but Arthur Bryant's is the must see.
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If you're going this weekend, there's Kansas City's greatest and only cultural event -- First Fridays. Basically the art galleries in the Crossroads area (around Union Station, north of Westport and the Plaza) open up to everyone from 7-9 and all types of people enjoy art and free alcohol.
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Huh. geoff. pretty much has this one taken care of.

Have fun in KC. After you eat dinner, have a drink in Westport.
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My mother still tells legends of Arthur Bryant's. Sadly, I was 2 when we left KC, and I've never been back. I plan to return, so I'm earmarking this thread for future... consumption. Thanks for posting!
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I'll second the Hereford House and Arthur Bryant's, and will throw Stroud's into the mix for exceptional fried chicken.

Be sure to go to the Kansas City (20th & Main) Hereford House, and not one of the new ones that has sprung up in the suburbs, which I think tend to be a bit inconsistent.

And if you make it out to Arthur Bryant's (and how could you not, it is, after all, the president's choice), be aware that they have their original, vinegar-based sauce, and a sweet and mild sauce for people who lack taste and refinement. Choose accordingly (not that they don't give you enough meat to try both).
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Plaza III gets my vote. I had an amazing steak the last time I was there. It was absolutely to die for.

I also agree that a trip to Arthur Bryant's is essential.
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Thanks, everyone. I like the look of the stripped down menu at the Plaza III. I think I will try to hit that one first, then the Hereford House.

I think I can even handle a couple of lunches at Arthur Bryant's.
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