How can I convert this flash website into HTML?
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How can I convert this flash website to html?

I created a flash website using I would like to able to have it "transcoded" into something I could edit with Frontpage 2003 which I have or a similar (free) software. The reasons are because it needs to include an HTML form which I can't seem to render correctly with Wix. Also I believe HTML will allow it to not use up my bandwidth as much.

I want to be able to edit the fields month etc, so taking images of it won't work.

Thank you
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Response by poster: I'm sorry that last sentence doesn't make sense... it's late

I want to be able to edit the paragraphs and various regions monthly so taking screen captures of the website won't work..

Another reason I want HTML is because I'm not sure how much of the elderly community has Flash installed.
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Best answer: Someone proficient with HTML could do this in an hour or two. You obviously don't want images of the entire page, that would be terrible. You need to hire someone with HTML/CSS background to pick apart the Wix site and code it for you. It's not a huge site, it shouldn't take too long. Colors, fonts, etc will have to be matched. It might end up looking a bit different, but most of the same effects can be achieved. I am a designer myself, and I estimate it shouldn't take longer than 2 hours. You could try or ELance to hire it out. Or learn HTML and CSS and do it yourself.
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