Better bathroom cheaply.
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I want to buy bathroom reno stuff (vanity, sink, medicine cabinet) for approximately Ikea-prices, but not at Ikea, and preferably somewhere in Toronto.

Any suggestions for stores? (I just want to explore other options than those available at ikea.) Or for specific tradespeople who would make custom stuff, fairly inexpensively? Overall, i want to keep my costs low, and i figure the easiest way to do that is to eliminate a lot of expensive labour. My theory is that ikea products mean i can install/assemble everything myself, but i'd love any alternative suggestions for doing a partial bathroom reno cheaply.
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Check out the habitat for humanity ReStore. It's hit or miss, but you might hit and the money goes to a good cause.
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I bought the exact pedestal sink I wanted on Craigslist, for 1/4 the price.
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2nd the ReStore -- if you go to the one at 29 Bermondsey Road, there is also a place directly across the street with discount cabinets and tiles that may be of interest.
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Also consider non-bathroom furniture for the bathroom. Look at craigslist for shelves for storage and a small hutch, dresser or table for the "vanity".

You don't have to get a vanity tho. They can be pricey. Get a wall mounted sink and other little cabinet for storage.
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It doesn't entirely address the Ikea aspect but if you aren't in a hurry, good stuff comes up on Kijiji if you set up an RSS.
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I did non-bathroom furniture -used an old "colonial" drysink as my sink console, just added a vessel basin & faucet. Found a cheap antique cabinet, as a linen closet. You should be able to find cheap older, heavier, full wood furniture at barn sales and the like. I don't know that you want veneered pieces, as especially lower priced ones may peal from moisture rather quickly.
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This may not apply for actual hardware like a sink, but we just replaced our brand-new Ikea vanity with a similar one from Home Depot because the Ikea one was too deep; we kept smacking our heads on the bottom whenever we leaned down to wash our faces. The Home Depot one was significantly cheaper in actuality and just as quality.
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By "vanity" I mean mirror cabinet. Apologies if I have my bathroom-furniture terminology mixed up!
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sooo.... really there isn't an alternative to Ikea, i guess. (ReStore, kijiji and craigslist are perfectly reasonable solutions, but not really what i was hoping for - i don't really want to have spend months waiting for the right thing to randomly come along.)

Oh well! Thanks anyway.
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